Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated developers for custom software, web, and mobile apps, ensuring cost efficiency and complete project control.

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Hire Dedicated Developers

Research shows that hiring dedicated developers can result in over 60% savings on software, web, and mobile application development↗ projects. At Sciflare, we offer flexible engagement models, allowing clients to hire highly skilled professional's adept at delivering top-notch solutions. Clients maintain full control over their developer teams and receive real-time project updates. Our in-house team of developers excels in utilizing the latest tools and technologies, ensuring the creation of high-quality business solutions. We prioritize best practices in development, consistently meeting clients' business requirements with efficiency and excellence.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Our Hiring Process

hire developer process

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Remote Developers

Hiring dedicated remote developers can significantly transform your business. By tapping into a global talent pool, you can assemble a team of developers with diverse skills and expertise. This approach not only reduces costs but also offers increased flexibility, improved work-life balance, and enhanced productivity. Remote developers experience fewer interruptions and can work in environments that best suit their needs, resulting in higher-quality work delivered in shorter time frames. By leveraging remote developers, you gain access to a broader range of expertise, enabling collaboration with skilled professionals worldwide and achieving your development goals more efficiently.

hire developer easy communication

Easy Communication

Real-time communication with your team is possible through a variety of methods, including Skype, email, or phone.

hire developer flexible pricing

Flexible Pricing & Working Models

Our pricing and working models are flexible to meet your specific needs when you hire dedicated developers.

hire developer reporting

Daily/Weekly Reporting

You can receive regular project status updates from the team through daily or weekly reporting.

hire developer code backup

Code & Backup Management

Our code and backup management systems are robust and reliable to minimize any potential issues.

hire developer no expenses

No Expenses on Training & Retaining

Hiring a team of developers eliminates the need to spend money on employee training and retention.

hire developer skilled

Experienced & Skilled Resources

You can hire a team of experienced professionals who have great domain expertise.

hire developer

Industries We Serve with Dedicated Developers


Wide Range Of Dedicated Developers

Mobile App Development

  • Hire iPhone App Developers
  • Hire Android Developers
  • Hire Flutter Developers
  • Hire React Native Developers
  • Hire Cross Platform Developers
  • Hire Fantasy Sports App Developers

Web App Development

  • Hire Node JS Developers
  • Hire Python Developers
  • Hire Laravel Developers
  • Hire Angular Developers
  • Hire React JS Developers

UI/UX Development

  • Hire User Interface Designers
  • Hire User experience Designers
  • Hire Prototyping Designers

What Our Clients Say About Us

Why Choose Sciflare for Hire Dedicated Developers?

Here are the reasons why we excel in the industry and why you should consider choosing us:

hire developer cost savings

Cost Savings

Hiring dedicated developers can optimize resource allocation by minimizing expenses related to office space, equipment, and other expenses associated with in-house hiring, resulting in more efficient resource management and cost reduction.

hire developer wide talent

Wider Talent Pool

Engaging dedicated remote developers allows access to a global talent pool, enabling you to find developers with precise skills and expertise tailored to your project requirements.

hire developer flexible structure


Hiring dedicated remote developers provides you with greater flexibility, as one can hire developers on a project-by-project basis or for longer-term engagements. This allows you to adjust your development teams as needed and respond to changing business needs.

hire developer faster time market

Faster Time-To-Market

Hiring dedicated remote developers can help you accelerate your development cycles and bring products to market faster, as they can quickly ramp up their development teams and take advantage of the expertise of experienced developers.

hire developer skillset range

Skillset Range

Our remote developers possess the essential technical expertise and extensive experience necessary for your project. We encourage you to review our portfolio and track record of successful past projects to assess our capabilities thoroughly.

hire developer communication

Effective Communication

Communication is essential when dealing with remote developers. Our team is proficient in the language used in your project and has excellent communication skills; Slack, Zoom, and Skype are the communication technologies we use to stay in touch with employees.

hire developer time zone

Time Zone

Our team of remote developers operates within a time zone that aligns with your work hours, facilitating real-time communication and minimizing delays in project completion.

hire developer availability

Availability & Support

Our team of developers is available round-the-clock to accommodate project requirements. Prior to commencement, we can discuss work hours, meeting availability, as well as any scheduled holidays or planned time off.

hire developer payment method

Payment Method

Our experienced team of developers is adaptable with regards to payment methods. We are open to discussing and agreeing upon a payment structure that mutually benefits both parties. Rest assured, our payment processes are transparent, secure, and punctual.

hire developer security protocols

Security Protocols

We follow proper security protocols to protect sensitive information related to your project.

hire developer contract discussion

Contract Discussion

You can get in touch with us to discuss things such as a contract outlining the scope of work, payment terms, and any other important details related to the project. This will protect both parties and avoid any misunderstandings.

hire developer culture

Culture Fit

Our developers fit well into any company’s culture and values. This will ensure that we can collaborate effectively with your in-house team and work towards a common goal.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Project Requirements

Hiring remote developers in India offers optimal benefits in today's landscape. To explore how a skilled team can contribute to your project, reach out to us at reachus@sciflare.com. Our remote developers possess advanced technical expertise, maintain clear communication, adhere to industry standards, and deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. This allows you to hire remote developers who can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow and deliver exceptional results. Get in touch today!

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Technologies We Use in Mobile App Development

We play with the industry leading technologies to get the best out of our softwares.

React Native


If a client is unhappy with a particular developer, we try to resolve the situation just as you would with any other employee. However, if those efforts do not produce the desired performance for a specified period of time, Sciflare ensures free and timely replacement. No questions asked.

One of the main reasons to outsource is to work "round-the-clock"; and that too, at a better cost than hiring in-house staff. We generally work from 10 AM to 7 PM IST (Mon - Fri); however, for the call/meeting, hired developers can make adjustments in timing from regular office hours.

We ensure that the clients’ intellectual properties are kept protected all the time, from closing the deal with an NDA, and keeping the code secure in the private Git to delivering the project with all formalities, code ownership, copyrights, etc.

Yes, we do have a service-level agreement covering the details, like company services, deliverables, and everything that clients should be aware of when engaging with Sciflare to ensure transparent and effective collaborations.

It is a relatively easy process. You can get in touch with us via either chat or call to know more details about the process. Kindly make use of our contact details .

Sales : +91-984-111-0380

Sales : reachus@sciflare.com

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