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If you're looking for a specialist in fantasy sports app development for Web, iOS, Android, or Windows, your search ends here. Our team of experienced and skilled developers can help you turn your ideas into a feature-rich, easy-to-use app that works to achieve your business goals.

Explore below to know about our Global Clients, Processes & Methodologies and How we stand out !

Fantasy cricket apps for iOS and Android - Sciflare

Importance of Owning Fantasy Cricket App

Overview of Fantasy Cricket Platform

Fantasy sports is a type of online game where participants create virtual teams of real-life athletes and earn points based on their performance in actual sporting events. Many sports have been used for Fantasy sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, American Football etc, popular ones being Football & Cricket.

Fantasy points algorithms are fully calculated and managed automatically, with various processes involved such as...

  • Fantasy Points
  • Fantasy Scoring
  • Ranking
  • Tie / Draw management
  • Winner declaration
  • Payments to the wallets

Hence, the business owners can relax and focus on marketing the fantasy sports cricket app, and watch the number of users grow on a daily basis,With the help of the Dashboards we have built, managing & knowing the numbers has never been this easy,

  • User Reports
  • Game Reports
  • Match Reports
  • Payment Reports
Dashboard of fantasy cricket platform - Sciflare

and much more are cleanly shown in the Backend Dashboard where your sales team can monitor & know the numbers and put the right efforts to push the marketing campaigns to increase the signups & transactions per day, Normally companies set anywhere between 10-30% of the fantasy game fees as commission for playing the game, for example if two users join a game for $1 each, $0.20 ($0.10 from each user) is retained by you (20% commission) and the balance $1.80 is credited to user who wins the game, losers get nothing. Engagement of the user in the Fantasy App Portal is the key to making users come again & again and play in your website on a daily basis.

Key Features for an engaging experience

We promise to deliver an application that comes with a finely tuned , best-in-class user interface that is easy to navigate.

We provide you with the low latency, real time data which gets updated from time to time. Experience no delays and the data is also reliable.

In the fantasy cricket application which we build, you can build your own team in whatever ways you want as it is fully customisable from scratch.

Get instant updates on the different match scores and stats without any delay. Get live updates with less latency and reliable accuracy.

Benefits of Fantasy Cricket App Development

Increased user engagement


Fantasy cricket application definitely helps in increasing user engagement during the cricketing seasons. The fantasy app and the cricketing league mutually plays a role for growth of both.

Greater brand awareness


As a result of collaborating with us, your brand's awareness in the market will gradually increase and we are responsible for it. We have certain tried and tested methods to achieve it and we got this covered.

Additional revenue streams


Using our finely tuned software, You can generate revenue through advertising by showing relevant ads to your users. You can offer various advertising options such as banner ads, video ads, or sponsored content. Ours product is quite flexible.

Developing a fantasy cricket application brings several advantages. Let's explore some of the benefits that come along  with it. We provide one of the best industry leading services and let us walk through them one by one.

Why Choose Us?

Building a fantasy sport is like one needs to find many good factors to choose the best company. Sciflare is exemplary in developing such awesome fantasy sports app development and we it's not one or two but many reasons why one wants to go with us.


We provide the outstanding UI / UX with the empathy of a user who uses our app.The most successful UI/ UX is which provides a clear pathway to help the user to interact with the app. At Sciflare we use the splendid User Interface and User experience in the fantasy sports app that don’t exasperate the user while using the app. We give thought & every element in the design which are carefully placed after thorough research. We use various tools & Methodologies to craft the masterpiece UI with extraordinary UX.


Outstanding UI / UX app design

Advanced Technology

advanced technology in white label software

Advanced Technology

In order to create a top-notch fantasy sports application that can handle multiple users and provide real-time data streaming without any issues, advanced technology is necessary. This technology needs to be relevant in both present times and future. To accomplish this, we use cutting-edge tools such as Angular.JS and React.JS for the front-end, Kotlin for Android, and Swift UI for iOS. 


For Us Customer support is not a department but the entire company. From the time a prospect calls us till the Delivery & maintaining the customer support is consistent. Whatever it is, one can count on our team any time, any day. We care about understanding the needs, solving problems, Offering tech & business solutions and keeping our promises through the end. Our goal is not only giving the best Product but making the customer Happy!


Consistent Customer Support - Sciflare

Data Security

strong data security measures

Data Security

Encryption is one of the most basic data security Encryption is a fundamental practice for securing data, but it is frequently neglected. All crucial business data, regardless of whether it is at rest or in transit, should be encrypted. At Sciflare, we specialize in data security. Our data architecture is customized according to the product's requirements and market trends. We will make sure that all security protocols are implemented right during the initial planning for a better final product . Ultimate goal is to make an application immune to data leaks.

Business & Marketing Solution

Being excelled in the fantasy sports industry we have the aptness of making your fantasy business to expand it to any corner of the world to generate consistent profits with great benefits. We succour you to create awareness in the market, Lead Acquisition, Generation of traffic, User retention, Maximum downloads. We will provide the top-notch solution in making your fantasy business thrive in the market.

Business & Marketing Solution

Business & Marketing solution - Sciflare


Sciflare offers Integrations


With the increase in data generation from various sources, businesses are increasingly required to consolidate all their data in one location to derive its full value. This is where data integration becomes crucial. Data integration software allows businesses to merge, manage, and comprehend data from multiple sources on a single platform. We offer a range of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and dashboards, tailored to different user roles and expertise levels, from basic to advanced. Additionally, we support integration with other software or tools that businesses may already be utilizing.

Live & Data Feed

We provide Live sports data feeds for Cricket, Football, Basketball & other similar sports. We cover all Countries, Teams, Tournament & Leagues. The data streaming is real time & accurate as every single entry is checked multiple times by our team of professionals before serving. Not only Live score, We provide line ups, fixtures & squad. Our data endpoints are flexible to create your own fantasy scoring system. In a nutshell, we provide Real-time, Accurate, agile & Reliable data which helps you to scale your business multiple fold.

Live & Data Feed

Live sports data feed for fantasy platform - Sciflare

Sciflare's Impact on the Fantasy Cricket Industry

over the few years, we have developed 3 major Fantasy Sports Mobile App & Web Platforms

All of the above are fantasy sports site focusing on Cricket & Football, all of them enjoy a userbase of over a lakh in total, They target countries like Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa etc which are major Cricket playing nations. We have developed, maintained & supported these Daily Fantasy Sports portals, with maximum automation in terms of live scores being consumed by APIs both third party's aswellas the ones we developed.

Technologies We Play With

Technologies that we have used for the Fantasy Sports Portal development

  • AngularJS for Frontend
  • Laravel / Codeigniter PHP framework
  • Node.js for Algorithms
  • Bootstrap HTM5 CSS3
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Load Balancing
Advanced technologies we use - Sciflare

Recently, a faster format has emerged, enabling people to pay small entry fees on a given weekend or per-game basis to play in public leagues against people they don't know, for millions of dollars in prize money. For some people, this has even become a full-time job. For investors, it is an great opportunity.

As daily fantasy sports are being accepted by professional sports leagues and consumer interest is skyrocketing, entrepreneurs are introducing new types of game-play to this growing market. This indicates that we have only just started to see the potential of the upcoming sports betting boom.

Start your Fantasy Portal now

Technologies that we have used for the Fantasy Sports Portal development

Start your own fantasy portal now with sciflare

We offer two options to begin working with us - a white-label solution and custom development. The white-label solution is ideal for startups as they can purchase the code and launch it quickly. Alternatively, we can create a unique app with customized features based on your business plan. Contact us to learn more about these options

Advanced Technologies We Use

We play with the industry leading technologies to get the best out of our softwares.


If your business objective is solely focused on fantasy cricket sports, then building your own fantasy cricket mobile applications will greatly help the business grow. Seek no other place, as we are one of the best at developing mobile applications.

We at Sciflare are known for our speedy development process, and our "time to deploy" is relatively short compared to others. We don't compromise on quality at the same time. We've got this covered.

We've laid a clear cut summary about the cost details above. We've also got customisable plan options where you can propose your own plan to us which

Absolutely Yes! Once you communicate your requirements to us, we will focus all of our efforts on meeting those specific needs and tailoring our work to suit the unique demands of your business.

We take responsibility for our services and are committed to providing ongoing support, even after deployment. Our aim is to minimise downtime during maintenance and protect your data. We got this.

It is an relatively easy process, if you understand the basics, Do;s and don't;s. You can get in touch with us via either chat or call to know more details about the process.

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